Blue Diamonds or Blue Sapphires

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Gold Bengals with Blue Diamonds

Blue Diamonds

I came across this pair of gold Bengals with small blue diamonds flush set on the exterior surface of ring as well as  on 8 circular dome.They were sparkling with beautiful blue lights.

I had never seen blue diamonds, they are rare and I thought about 45.52  carats Hope Diamond, the symbol of perfection and value. I also remember reading about its changing color  from blue, violet to ultra fiery orange, red; after few minutes getting exposed in ultra violet lights.

Of course these diamonds did not change colors.  They were very expensive but the jeweler gave another option of  making  with Sapphire in much less price . Sapphire is a variety of the mineral species corundum. The name “Sapphire” comes from the Persian word “safir”, meaning “beloved of Saturn”.

Sapphires might be better choice as  some  Sapphires do change colors.  Also, the color can be intensified with heat.  Mohs (hardness)  scale of  Sapphire is 9 which works for this setting. So the bracelet or bengals made up of intense, color changing blue sapphires would be the best choice in terms of its aesthetics, functionality and value.


Ready for Kill with colorful clothes?

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Are they smiling because they are ready to kill for their feast or just to look beautiful in the photos?

Perception and use of Colors

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Each color is like a note, but the right combination of two or more colors together make a song.

When you see pink, it symbolizes girly, princess like and sweet, but when it is used with black and white changes the effect of pink.

The store I passed by in San Francisco had this dramatic and mesmerizing effect with the use of these three colors. I almost magically strolled through the store to see the display of merchandises, which were in this case, the Jewelry.  I ended up selecting one pair of earring with gold metal and blue color beads. May be the sky blue just stood apart with pink background.

Pink Store

So Good Collection

Also, the photos I took earlier oftimber bridgeinspired some graphics and along with the colors, I created the illustration as shown below.  It is one of my on-going studies of the colors and its effect on human psychology. In this piece, I like the multiple grey lines and creating different looks with four background colors.


Inspired by bridge and colors

Handmade Structures- Where is it?

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Below are few interesting photos of unique structures. If you can tell me the location, I might give you some goody.

Where are they?

Leisure Homes for Dogs



May 6, 2010 2 comments

Mexican Colors-
I just came back from a vacation in Mexico. I saw colors along with beautiful vast ocean, open blue sky, comfortable warm weather so you can wear very little and love the embrace of wind. Below are few photos of the tourist street in Mazatlan. The store facades are painted with various colors. They do not seem to be designed by designers. Still, they have their identity and of course people even looked beautiful within those colors.

Colors of Mexico

The colors play vital role in psychological and emotional level of people. I could not stop noticing bright colors. I got very inspired by these colors and decided to come up with a series of paintings which are the study of juxtapositions of various colors. My idea is to create three digital paintings representing similar or the same theme but contain different colors. Together they must have some balance. So attached is the first series. They are 12”x12” in size. I am going to frame them on wooden board and make them as wall art pieces. The fires series was inspired by colors. However, I am not that much daring to use those colors but I derived my colors from the two paintings I bought in Mexico. The artist on the street used very unique and innovative process to create them. We were mesmerized by the process and my both children in the trance pushed me to purchase them. For details on that go to

The Law of Attraction

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This is my first post and I wanted to express the state of my mind.

I want to start with “the law of attraction”, phrase used by New thoughts writers. It is an idea that thoughts influence chance.

Rhonda Byrne, an Australian television writer and producer, made a film, The Secret—a book by the same name. Based on that, the Law of Attraction means people create the reality of their lives through their thoughts, feelings, beliefs and actions.

So I decided to take action on expressing my positive feelings on my day to day life. I will present and document my creative and positive interpretation of the projects and  processes I experience. I am hoping that will create placebo effect on my creative, successful and happy life.

Hello world!

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