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SNAG Conference- Swap and Meet

May 26, 2011 1 comment

The conference begins with the pin swap and meet event. People bring clever and inexpensive 20 to 30 or more  pins which are fabricated or made by them and also can  express them, which are meant to swap with other people. This is a way to introduce and mingle with other people.  So I decided to make pins out of  paper and foam core. These are the basic materials architects use to make models of the designed and proposed buildings. Also, I wanted to use a square and rectangles to symbolize the rigidity of the materials. The paper is printed with a motif  representing symmetrical design and almost it looks like square tile. The bright yellow color is very much symbolizes vibrancy of Indian colors.  The photos below shows two versions of the pins. I made 26 pins and hoping to swap with some interesting creative people with their pins. 

Square and Rectangle Pins